Here you will find information about our small flock of chickens in Union City Michigan

Eggs Label Eggs

Our eggs are never washed or refrigerated which allows them to keep for extended periods of time. Do not wash our eggs as it removes the protective coating on the egg which requires them to then be refrigerated and shortens their usable life-span. Though this is an unusual practice in the U.S., in Europe and other places it is a very common practice to never wash or refrigerate eggs.

All our chickens are raised cage-free and are free-range. We are also very attentive to our chickens health and nutrition so we feed them healthy foods and never allow them to eat anything that would cause GMOs and pesticides to make it into the eggs that we eat.

Are eggs are available from The Victorian Villa and our coffee shop The Daily Grind in Union City Michigan. The availability of our eggs are sparse as we only sell our overages that we produce in our small flock. We make them available when we have enough over and above what we need but we don't sell eggs as a business so we can not guarantee availability.