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Our honey and honey comb is available from The Victorian Villa and our coffee shop The Daily Grind when we have extra. Our primary goal with our honey is to supply it for our guests and customers to use at our businesses. When we have extra we will make it available but as we run a small apiary we can not guarantee when and if there will be honey or honey comb available.

All of our honey is collected from Flow Hives. Flow Hives allow for raw, unfiltered, unprocessed, never heated honey to be collected from our hives. We collect each Flow Frame individually to keep the flavors and nuances of the honey as pure as possible. This allows for all the unique flavors present in the nectar the bees collected to be fully accentuated and appreciated when the honey is tasted.

We also use regular langstroth hives to produce honey comb. We want our honey to be as pure and natural as possible so instead of using standard honey extraction which changes the nuances of the honey we instead collect honey comb from these hives. This gives pure, raw honey to be enjoyed that is totally natural and unprocessed.

We currently use Saskatraz bees in all of our hives, except for the occasional swarm that decides to move in. These bees have shown the most vigor and honey production of any bees we have previously experienced. They are also a very gentle and non-aggressive bee that allows for ease of visiting our apiary. We only keep bees that are gentle and non-aggressive in our Apiary for everyone's safety, sometimes we will work a hive without any protective equipment and never receive a sting.

Normally honey harvesting happens twice-a-year at our Apiary depending on the weather and the bees. The first harvest is mid July and the second harvest is mid September. If you're interested in being present during our harvests Contact Us for more information on when we would be planning to harvest. Usually we know around the beginning of the harvest month of a more precise time that we will be looking to harvest.

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